The TRUE RICHES Series by Robert Saunders (Volumes 1-5)



True Riches purpose is to reveal five of the essential building blocks needed to fulfill your life’s mission.

In the process of building anything in life, we all have a starting point, but building upon a rock-solid foundation is the vital prerequisite to any life and business success. However, it’s difficult to build this solid foundation until you define your purpose.

Volume 1—PURPOSE—which you need to discover, so you can get started on your journey to a successful future!


One key in successful building is to recognize an Opportunity when it arises, which is what True Riches is all about.

It reveals Yeshua’s teachings—parables—about opportunity, trading, risk and business. These stories are cleverly explained by Matthew, the tax collector, and some of his friends, which you will meet for the first time.

Volume II—OPPORTUNITY—presents His business principles to those brave pioneers and daring pursuers of true riches, according to our Divine Leader’s Spirit and Will—dedicating themselves to understanding and living by His Words.


Making wise Decisions involves hard choices, which you face daily.

Sometimes answers may come from past experiences, good and bad. Other times, you might think, “Now what?”

Volume III—DECISIONS—builds upon that firm and lasting ‘rock’ foundation, which took Matthew, the tax collector, to unimaginable heights. It is for those entrepreneurs and dream-weavers who have the courage to reach—first—for true riches, according to Yeshua’s Divine Standards and to risk making decisions according to His Words.


All of us need to build our character and Identity upon ‘the rock’ of (all) ages.

What often stands in our way is a lack of understanding—of who we are and what we can be. Yeshua’s (Jesus’) identity was in being about His Father’s business—affairs—house—will. Our identity with Yeshua defines who we are, and it also determines what we are called to do. When we make the decision to “Follow Him,” we take on a new identity.

Volume IV—IDENTITY—is for those who are on a quest: the serious seekers who are unwilling to stay conformed to this world, but desire to identify with the One True God and find His true riches by understanding Jesus’ words as spoken to His disciple, Matthew. Are you ready to visualize your new identity?


One interesting thing about Destiny is how people perceive it.

Some believe their futures are destined to be a certain way because of their upbringing—family, social or financial status and the race into which they were born. However, when you allow your destiny to be designed by Him, you will receive hope for a fulfilling future.

Volume V—DESTINY—is for those courageous souls and bold adventurers—who want a significant life—escaping the sorrows of greed and the gold rules of mammon to follow the Son of Man. He will prove that you were created with a specific destiny with true riches in mind.